Weird Things That We Really Should Have a Conversation about Immediately (23 pics )

Mar 29, 2015

How come Arizona Green Tea can be drunk hot.
This guy, and his project.
The fact that Sean Bean was born “Shawn”.
Justin Bieber, modelling a Walkman, in an office, as a woman, in the ’90s.
The potato on the muffin plate.
Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s MySpace profiles.
This comparison.
This photo.
This drink, in bottle, with a can top.
This goddamn thought.
This frog riding a beetle.
This powerful cosplay.
Whether this is even a real restaurant.
Exactly how dirty the White House mirror is.
This question.
The story behind this sign.
Why this hotel thought this was necessary.
This question.
This woman having lunch with Pikachu.
How, exactly, we are supposed to spell “chilli”.
The fact that Zayn Malik looks exactly like a young Josef Stalin.

Exactly how unnerving broken GIFs are.

This beautiful music.

Exactly why goats’ eyes look like this.


10 Photos Of Sheep Blanketing The Earth Like Snow

Mar 28, 2015

When you want to photograph clouds but there aren’t any in sight, we suggest trying to find your nearest herd of sheep. Flocks of these cute, fluffy and useful creatures can add an interesting element to landscape photos, but they’re also pretty enough on their own.

Sheep have earned a reputation as dumb and foolish animals because of their flocking instinct, but they are actually quite intelligent, performing as well or even better than monkeys and rodents in certain mental tasks. They exhibit facial recognition, long-term memory, a knack for quick learning, and some have even exhibited intelligent problem-solving capabilities. The best thing about sheep, however, is that, if you count enough of them, you’ll fall asleep ;)


Proof That Bill Murray Is The Most Interesting Man In The World (31 pics)

Mar 27, 2015

No other celebrity would do the awesome things that Bill Murray does.