Landfill Of Weapons (12 pics)

Sep 29, 2014

China recently destroyed 70,000 units seized pistols and machine guns firing rubber pellets. The country has very strict laws when it comes to weapons and as you can see, they don't like to mess around.  


Unraveling The Disney Timeline (5 pics)


Items That Will Make You Feel Pretty Nostalgic about Your Childhood (48 pics )

Sep 28, 2014

This screen:

The passing of a great bug:
THOSE cups:
Or no. No. THESE cups:
Or maybe these?
The realest book ever written:
“Skip protection”:
The most useless erasers in existence:
Picking the perfect font:
THIS screen:
Seeing this right before a Disney Channel movie was about to drop:
Food always tasting better off of these:
Or with these:
This little guy:
The whole gang:
The wildest books ever:
Your daily serving of juice:
OR your other daily serving of fruit:
Brownies from ANOTHER WORLD:
Perusing the block in these bad boys:
Gummies. Pure, delicious gummies:
The greatest feat of architecture ever created:
Cracking open one of these little gold bad boys:
Destroying your hand on one of these:
Your friend dying of cholera:
Creating MASTERPIECES in this:
Losing flavor after 15 seconds:

Your first graffiti piece:
Staying home sick with Bob:
Filling these full of the good stuff:
Trying to figure out what the hell this was:
Your own little world:
Choked fashion:
The only light you’d ever need:
Butt-rolling all around the gym:
The most BA toy ever created:
This classic:
See-through EVERYTHING:
The most painful teeth ever, forged in hell:
These literary classics:
A quick card game:
The first and only cool alarm clock:
The hardest game you’ll ever play:
Wrecking your ankles on these:
Taking “shots” out of this:
And then checking out one of these classics: