Woman Gets The Last Laugh On Her Cheating Husband (2 pics)

Mar 3, 2015

This man cheated on his wife and tried to take everything from her. But in the end, she's the one that ends up the winner.  


Insane Disney Moments That Might Ruin Your Childhood (26 pics)

You probably didn't notice these things when you were a kid but now that you're all grown up you'll never look at Disney movies the same way again.

Jaq “stacking” the necklace beads on Gus Gus’ tail.
Buzz Lightyear getting a “wing boner” when Jessie opens Andy’s bedroom door by herself.
Aladdin finding himself stuck in a brothel.
The harpies flashing their boobs in Fantasia.

The penis on the castle of the The Little Mermaid VHS video.
The mermaids basically trying to murder Wendy.

Pinocchio drinking beer and smoking cigars when he’s just a young boy. i
Timon and Pumbaa watching Simba and Nala have sex.
Frollo creepily smelling Esmeralda’s hair.
Cruella de Vil’s desire to kill Dalmatians so she can make clothes and furs.
Gaston’s scary skull eyes in his death scene.
The Mad Hatter, March Hare, and the Red Queen trying to trap Alice in Wonderland.
The striptease song number, “Let Me Be Good to You,” from The Great Mouse Detective.
The heffalumps and woozles giving Winnie the Pooh a trippy nightmare.
Madame Medusa telling Penny she could either retrieve a diamond from a skull’s head or drown.

Mia and Tia “flashing” Lightning McQueen.
Princess Jasmine and Jafar’s creepy sexual tension in Aladdin.
When you realize Mufasa commits incest, like all lions do, in order to start a family.

Ursula telling Ariel a man will like her if she keeps her mouth shut.

The bizarre pink elephants dancing in Dumbo.
The skeletons using their bones as instruments in The Skeleton Dance.
Bobby breaking the fourth wall in An Extremely Goofy Movie.
Jim Crow from Dumbo being named after the Jim Crow laws.
Mushu taking a peek at Mulan’s chest.
And Kronk’s conveniently pitched tent in The Emperor’s New Groove.


These Jackets Turn Into Something Awesome (29 pics)

Mar 2, 2015

Ruben Gomez has been named best designed at Madrid Fashion Week thanks to his new innovative jacket. These jackets are waterproof and can very easily be turned into a tent. The design is pretty incredible and is definitely a game changer for anyone who isn't so good at setting up tents.