38 Then And Now Photos Showing How Far We've Come

Jul 5, 2015

1. Afghanistan – If it were not for the dates and one of the photos being back and white, you might think the second one is the older picture.
2. NWA – If you haven’t heard, there is a movie coming out about NWA. It’s called Straight Outta Compton and will even have some of the members of NWA in the movie, like Dr. Dre.

3. Forrest Gump – It’s amazing how some people don’t age, while others do.
4. Hulk and Thor – Movie Technology has certainly changed a lot over the years.
5. Social Media Birthdays – Turn your notifications off the day before your birthday. Problem solved!
6. Magazine Rack – Now isn’t this the truth!
7. Reenacted Baby Pictures – Sometimes these are just awkward.
8. Hard Drive Storage – Now that is certainly one thing that has changed a ton over the years, technology.
9. Buzz McCallister – It’s always interesting to see what young actors look like when they are older, especially when they aren’t as popular as some like Drew Barrymore.
10. Star Wars – Chewbacca is looking good in his old age.
11. More Reenacted Baby Pictures – Do you think that is the same bathtub in both pictures?
12. Kevin Smith – He lost a lot of weight.
13. All Grown Up – It’s cute seeing both of them all grown up and that they’re still the best of friends.
14. Recreating Family Pictures – Now these are just funny.
15. Now They Are 21 – Why is her shirt undone?
16. Some Things Never Change – One thing is for sure, she always had excellent taste in whiskey.
17. Friends Many Years Later – It’s great they were able to get this many people together years later.
18. Photocopied Faces – A mom and son still goofing off together.
19. A Boy And His Dog – I’m glad the dog no longer has a hurt leg.
20. MTV Has Ruined The World – Sad, but true.
21. Still in Love – What a great picture to recreate. Beautiful!
22. America! – We have definitely changed the way we eat.
23. Not Much Has Changed – They have aged well!
24. Video Games – Remember playing Super Mario Brothers? Now look at video games!
25. Father, Son, and Dog – This is a sad one.
26. Jaime Foxx And His Daughter – He hasn’t aged much over the years, but she is definitely a very beautiful girl.
27. Video Game Technology – I bet the parents loved that they never fought when they played video games.
28. Stuffed Animal – They will always be childhood friends.
29. Updated Video Technology – Funny how that works.
30. Star Wars – How fun to take this then and now picture of brother and sister.
31. Friends For Life – It’s great that they are able to cherish these moments.
32. A Boy And His Dog – This is definitely man’s best friend.
33. Jake Lloyd – Not really the best way to get an update on him.
34. Cars have Changed – Pretty cool to see them side by side.
35. Then And Now Can Be Heartbreaking – Interesting with the pictures behind.
36. Snail Mail vs Email – We are spoiled.
37. Best Friends – This is just too cute.
38. Reunited And It Feels So Good – Always interesting seeing actors as they get a little older as well.


Homeless Man Stuns Passersby By Playing Styx’s ‘Come Sail Away’ On Street Piano (4 Pics)

Jul 4, 2015

Donald Gould, a 51-year-old homeless man in Sarasota, Florida, recently captured the internet’s attention after a video of him playing a beautiful piano rendition of Styx’s ‘Come Sail Away’ went viral. Before losing his wife and falling on hard times, this man was a Marine Corp clarinet player and was on course to become a music teacher.
In the video, he plays his heartfelt rendition of the classic song on a piano left outside by Sarasota Keys, a music store that has placed popularly-acclaimed outdoor pianos throughout the city for anyone to play.

So far, one nearby bar called Surf Shack has offered to give Gould a tryout as a piano player for their upstairs piano bar. He is also searching for his now-18-year-old son, whom he lost to child services after losing his wife and turning to drugs. Hopefully, this video will throw many opportunities his way; a GoFundMe account has been created on his behalf as well!

The video become an instant viral sensation with more than 1.4 million views
Donald Gould, a 51-year-old homeless man in Sarasota, Florida,  has been homeless for 6-7 years
He became homeless after losing his wife and turning to substance abuse. He then lost his son to child services as well
The video has lead to one job tryout offer, and we hope it will give him the opportunity to complete his musical education as well!
His interview after the video went viral:


Life Is Full Of Far Too Many Lies (40 pics)

Jul 3, 2015

We're lied to all the time in our everyday lives and we just can't handle the truth.