Psychology Professor Religious Letter

Jan 28, 2012

Psychology Professor sent this email to all of his students after a class spent discussing religion

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4 comments to “Psychology Professor Religious Letter”

Religion is seen by common people as true
by Wise as false
and by the Rulers as useful

What a good quote

Shouldn't some students be able to argue. citing evidence, for the validity of Judaism, or Islam, or Christianity without being branded by the teacher as religious bigots? In a post-modern classroom,the teacher's own biases (e.g., there is no one best worldview, or all worldviews are relative, and, therefore, equal) must be transparent as well. There is no unbiased neutral ground from which to label others' views as bigotry. That said, the statements about the purposes and conduct of higher education are valid and often rejected by students who come to college foreclosed.

Tom, I think you misread or misunderstood the message somehow; the professor clearly used the term "religious bigot" in reference to the people whom where not open to discussion about the validity of religious beliefs, blindly stating that only their single religion was correct. It even said that they refuse to defend their beliefs and "pounding their chest and proclaiming their views are valid"; I actually wonder if we read the same thing....

The "teacher bias" you speak of was neither present nor relevant, in fact the entire point of the message was that students should intellectually and openly discuss difficult topics without arrogant bigotry or statements without any logic or reasoning to back it up.

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